Studio One

Studio One is the larger of the two studios at 306. The floor is 20’ x 30’ and can accommodate 16-20 musicians. It features a large 200sq. ft. skylight for natural illumination and comfortable atmosphere. It is equipped with a foley floor, a Steinway 7’ grand piano, and ProTools HD. Studio One has access to a 12’ x 18’ isolation booth as well as a smaller vocal booth.

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Studio Two

Studio Two’s main floor is a 12’ x 18’ isolation booth also accessible to Studio One. This smaller floor is ideal for small voice over sessions or overdubs. Studio Two features a Sony DMX digital console, 24 tracks of digital audio and a ProTools Digital Audio Workstation.

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Lobby & Kitchen

Our spacious, naturally lit lobby and kitchen provide our clients and guests with a relaxed and comfortable working environment to prepare for session work or to enjoy lunch. We also provide a private outdoor courtyard and picnic area.

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