Outboard Equipment and Microphones 

Communication Systems

Console Phone Patch System (2)
Telos Zephyr Xstream ISDN (currently only available for ongoing series records with advance notice)


Neumann U87A (2)
Neumann U87 (7)
Neumann U47 (2)
Neumann SM 69 (1)
AKG 414 (2)
Sennheiser 441 (3)
Sennheiser 421 (1)
Electrovoice RE-20 (2)
Electrovoice 668 (2)
Schoeps SM5 (2)
Shure SM7 (1)
Shure SM57 (7)
Shure SM58 (1)
Altec Ribbon (2)
Sony C37A (2)

Reverbs and Delays

Eventide Harmonizor H949
Yamaha SPX90 digital reverb
Yamaha SPX90II digital reverb
Roland Dep 5 digital effects processor
Delta Lab Super Time Line

Eq's, Compressors, Limiters and Gates

Pultec EQP-1A3 program equalizer (2)
Pultec EQH-2 program equalizer
Pultec EQP-1A program equalizer
Klark-Teknik DN 260 graphic equalizer
Urei LA 3A leveling amp (3)
Urei 1176LN limiting amp (2)
Valley People 610 stereo compressor
DBX 1066 compressor/limiter/gate
Autocom MDX 1200 dynamics processor
Alison Research Gainbrain 700
Symetrix SG-200 Dual noise gate
Keypex 500 Noise gate (2)
Neve 1073 preamp (2)
TL Audio parametric valve equalizer
TL Audio mono valve equalizer


Aphex compellor
Aphex aural exciter
Orban 526A Dynamic Sibilance Controller

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