Studio 306 is celebrating its 33rd year of operation. We began in music production in1979, working with many local Toronto bands, and a few of international status.

In the early 80s we began producing corporate videos for companies such as T.D. Bank, Electrolux, Canadian Tire, Mercedes, Union Carbide, Mazda, Pepsi, Proctor and Gamble, Gulf Canada Resources, Wardair and General Motors.

By the mid 80’s we were providing audio post-production for TV commercials (jingles), for Kellogg, K-Mart, B.C. Telephone, Kraft, Molson, Labatt's Blue, Carlsberg, Nissan, Jeep Eagle, Tide, Milk Marketing Board, Volvo, Hertz, CNCP and others

By 1988 we were mostly involved in post-production services (music, effects, foley and mixing) for a variety of TV ‘program’ projects for CBC, Sunrise Films, TVO and Broadway Video.

Since 1990, we have primarily focused on audio production for animation series and features for Toronto companies such as Nelvana, Decode, Portfolio, Alliance Atlantis and Cuppa Coffee Animation. Also Cinar Animation and Cine Group in Montreal, Funbag Animation in Ottawa, and Fisher Price, The Jim Henson Company and Mattel in Las Angeles.  Other international companies we work with are Fisher Price in Denmark, Scholastic in New York, Sparkling in France, and Caligary Films in Germany and Snowden Fine in England. In the past 20 years we have produced dozens of series, many of them award winning, which have amounted to over 1000 episodes.

Some of the series we have recorded in recent years are:


  1. Braceface
  2. Babar
  3. Franklin
  4. George and Martha
  5. Donkey Kong
  6. Heidi (feature)
  7. Berenstain Bears
  8. Rolie Polie Olie
  9. Rolie Polie Olie (feature)
  10. Cyberchase
  11. Tales of the Crypt
  12. Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
  13. Ned’s Newt
  14. Max and Ruby
  15. Picola
  16. The Joe Duffy Show
  17. Jacob Two Two
  18. Miss Spider
  19. The Ark
  20. Billie and Miles
  21. Rescue Heroes
  22. Santa Clause Brothers
  23. The Magic School Bus
  24. George Shrinks
  25. Scout
  26. Moville Mysteries
  27. Arnie and Bernie
  28. Icky Micky
  29. Little Bear (feature)
  30. My Dad
  31. Redwall
  32. Corduroy The Bear
  33. Timothy Goes to School
  34. Seven little Monsters
  35. The Kid
  36. Pelwsick
  37. Cardcaptor
  38. Committed
  39. Kid Kid Peter
  40. Blaster

Decode Entertainment:                        

  1. Angela Anaconda
  2. Watership Down
  3. Save-Ums
  4. The Click
  5. Girlstuff Boystuff
  6. The Undergrads
  7. Little people
  8. King
  9. Freaky Stories
  10. Rexar
  11. Hugo Pilot
  12. The Hoobs
  13. Shorts of Steel
  14. Franny’s Feet
  15. Smilin’ Perry


  1. Bad Dogs
  2. Potatoes and Dragons
  3. Arthur
  4. Simon and the Chalk Drawing
  5. Caillou Doll

Various additional projects worked on:

    • Jewel (movie of the week)
    • The Associates
    • WGBH Time Warp Trio
    • Peter Benchley’s Amazon
    • Benjiman Bear
    • Super Duper Sumos
    • Children of Helms
    • For King and Empire
    • Storytime with Thomas
    • Chilly Beach
    • Eckhart
    • Toad Patrol
    • For Better or For Worse
    • Knights of the Zodiac
    • Roboroach
    • Zoe Kezako
    • Traffix